7 Reasons the Best Employees Quit, Even When They Like Their Job

We would like to share with you the research we have done, this will assist you in winning at being the best company, by first winning over your best employees.

Losing a great employee is a terrible thing, because you lose the confidence of the staff they inspired, you also immediately lose the knowledge base they had. There’s also the additional expense of finding, on boarding and training a replacement, coupled with this the uncertainty of how a new employee will work out, will they fit into the new culture, will their staff accept and respect as well as external stakeholders, dependent on position held. Finally there is also the burden on the remaining staff, their workload and morale until a replacement is found.

The reasons people leave are many fold, it is often easier to deal with the ones that leave due to being a bad fit, but if they moved away for better opportunities, this transition can be difficult.

Keeping your best employees starts with understanding why people leave. Here are seven of the top reasons:

1. Stagnation

People get bored and stagnate so it is important to ensure there is adequate growth and expansion areas for your good employees, they need something to aspire to. Remember growth is not always related to money, but to empowering and education. If this is not in place people become bored, resentful and under productive.

2. Overwork

Most people experience periods of stress and overload of work, but this cannot continue without end in sight. People will burn out and will become ill and resentful, your most valued employees are also the most marketable so they will eventually resort to looking elsewhere, if they are not appreciated or valued.

3. Vague visions

A company with no vision or a vague vision is one of the most frustrating things. It is like being told to drive your car to an unknown destination you are expected to drive there, but you have no idea where you are going. Goals and visions are paramount.

4. Profits over people

Every organisation can only thrive if the company thrives financially, but if people are not valued over financial profitability they too will leave for organisations which place a high emphasis on people satisfaction. Of course, things like profit, output, pleasing stakeholders, and productivity are important, but success ultimately depends on the people who do the work. Happy people equal happy profits, shareholders and customers.5.

5. Lack of recognition

Humans thrive on recognition, staff members are no different, even your most motivated staff member will eventually become disgruntled if they are not valued or recognised for a job well done. When you fail to recognize employees, you’re not only failing to motivate them, but also missing out on the most effective way to reinforce great performance. Recognition does not always have to be of a financial nature, there are many ways to provide motivation and recognition that will not negatively impact the bottom line.

6. Lack of trust

Your employees watch you more than you think, and they silently decide based on your behaviour alone as to whether you can be trusted. If you are viewed as dealing unethically with vendors, lying to stakeholders, cheating clients, or failing to keep your word, the best and most principled of your staff will leave. The rest, even worse, will stay behind and follow your lead.

7. Excessive hierarchy

Whilst every workplace needs structure and leadership a highly top-down organization makes for unhappy employees. If you expect your best performers to perform without contribution and recognition they will feel disempowered and will become defensive and unhappy.

In closing most people leave because of their boss and the company culture, not because they dislike the company or job. So ask yourself whether you are doing enough to keep your most prized asset, being your best employees.