Nokuphila School:

Nokuphila School is an educational institution based in Midrand catering to orphaned children of various ages. Due to the close proximity of our Midrand branch to this historically disadvantaged area and the discreet but still evident visibility of the needs of this area and its people in every day life, Danté Personnel made the conscious decision to commit itself to participating in sponsorship programs on offer from the school including:

  • Sponsoring educational needs of individual children
  • Financial contributions to general upkeep and expansion of the institution
  • Attending events put together by the institution for the purpose of assisting with coordination and execution, as well as spending time with the children


Lovetrust is a registered and recognized NPO with a national footprint, and is also the parent organization of Nokuphila School in Tembisa.

In recognition of the fact that the issues typically facing previously disadvantaged locations such as Tembisa are felt all around the country, Danté Personnel made a further commitment to the initiative of nurturing our country’s youth by investing in Lovetrust as a whole through the same activities as with Nokuphila School.

Although some locations fall outside of immediate reach of our branches, we have strived to play an active and dedicated role in ensuring that we participate as far as is possible when we are called upon, always with the utmost dedication.

Compass Group:

Although appropriate, Compass group’s name is not a noun indicating their intention to provide direction for those who need it most, but a definition in the form of an acronym representing the organization’s intentions: “Community Provision & Social Services”.

As a rule, Compass Group has assisted hundreds, if not thousands of individuals affected by issues that most people normally overlook including abuse and homelessness amongst women, children and other vulnerable groups.

For these underprivileged groups, Compass provides a place of warm embrace that encourages positive growth and progression in spite of each individual’s history.

Considering Danté Personnel’s aim of contributing positively to the South African landscape as a whole, this purpose resonated with us and we subsequently invested ourselves to contributing to Compass Group’s efforts.

Most recently, Danté Personnel staff participated in bringing Christmas to orphaned children and other disadvantaged groups based at the Compass home in the East Rand of Johannesburg wherein each child received a box with special gifts and general goods needed for daily use. Further to this, we spent the day at the home spending time with the children and sharing in the small joys of life.

Danté Personnel is dedicated to the success of this initiative by any means required, where we are most needed.