Interview Briefing

We could elaborate on how each consultant has been hand-picked and trained on a continuous basis on interviewing techniques, and that – having been selected out of an excess of 200 applicants received each day – your application has already been put through the initial stages of a rigorous screening process!

But no, we’d much rather spend this brief but critical time to sharpen up on YOUR interviewing techniques:

Your Career Path
Your interviewer will need to collect a clear career patch picture from you – a spectacular 20/20 hindsight, but still worth viewing!

Your Marketability
This information will be used to either place you a cut above the rest, or cut you to size!
We’ll need you to be as specific as possible on projects/accounts you dealt with, and why your contribution was outstanding…

Your Wish List
Unless your Christmas list is very work-specific – that’s not exactly what we’re looking for here!
This is where your interviewer will gather very specific information on your realistic expectation of your very next position.

The purpose up to now, was to focus your thought on the 3 areas we’ll be concentrating on, but our top priority would be to meet YOU, this unique human being we’ve invited and ultimately connect you with an organisation, perfectly fitting to your emotional, intellectual and “progressional” needs.

To complete this briefing, a few tips picked up in the industry:

  • Eye contact is very important
  • Easy on the perfume
  • Rather over – then be under-dressed – yes, and never un-dress!
  • Be well prepared – visit the company’s website
  • A fresh breath is important – but never talk with a mouth-full!
  • Even though the company should have your CV, take a copy with – you never know where Murphy might turn up!

Switch off your cell and arrive about 15 minutes early…