At the start of the recruitment process, we work with our clients to provide us with a comprehensive job description. This not only ensures that the appropriate medium and strategy for recruitment is used, but also further enables a dedicated consultant to recruit in the most cost-effective, efficient manner.

Permanent Placement Division:

Through an effective recruiting and thorough screening process, Danté has the resources and capabilities to locate the best resource for your business needs and objectives.

The client selects the best applicant from a pre-screened shortlist of 3 according to his/her needs and employs the applicant on a permanent basis.

Contract Placement Division:

An employee who works under contract for an employer. A contract employee is hired for a specific job at a specific rate of pay. A contract employee does not become a regular addition to the staff and is not considered a permanent employee.

The applicant is employed on a contract basis and falls under the client’s HR. A monthly fee is payable to Danté Personnel.

Temporary Placement Division:

Danté Personnel assists in the provision of personnel on a temporary basis and furthermore attempts to provide such placements within a 24-hour time frame.

The payroll function for all temporary based staff appointments is administered internally, thus providing a complete staffing solution which reduces your administration burden with regard to temporary based staff.

Project Recruitment:

Danté has the expertise to quickly and efficiently recruit bulk positions of 15 and more candidates for various different projects. Project teams are built with specific skill level requirements to deliver on certain deadlines.

Disability Placement Division:

Danté Personnel has a specializes division for the recruitment of people living with disabilities:

  • We pride ourselves on our extensive database of candidates with different disabilities from all areas of expertise and industry.
  • Empowering people with disabilities to make life-changing decisions in a safe environment by providing excellent services and information regarding new career opportunities.

Services Offered:

  • Selection and Placement of People with Disabilities
  • Workshops and Training
  • Site Inspection
  • Sensitizing and Integration

International Recruitment:

Danté introduces candidates to career opportunities into various countries. Danté’s business model in terms of the recruitment and selection processes remains the same. Administration processes will be impacted based on the countries legislation

Following an in depth study involving countless kilometres and hours spent flying to various locations, we have gathered an excellent base of information relevant to various locations as well as databases of qualified candidates in the following locations:


  • South Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • East Africa
  • West Africa
  • Central Africa

Rest of the World:

  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia
  • Australasia

Our services offered in these regions include recruitment for permanent, contract and project employees at skilled to executive level in various industries including:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Executive
  • Finance
  • FMCG
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • IT /ICT
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Property
  • Renewable Energy
  • Retail
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Supply Chain

And to make the journey easier for you, we are also prepared to advise on or assist with visas and work permits for successfully placed candidates.
Our dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced team of Senior International Recruitment Consultants are eager and ready to assist with all your international staffing requirements.

Value Added Services:

  • AFIS Criminal Checks (Biometric)
  • Combined Credit Checks
  • Qualification Verifications
  • Risk Assessments / Vetting
  • Employee References
  • Psychometric Testing